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Trade & Vocational School in Lisle, IL

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Trade & Vocational School in Lisle, IL


At our trade school campus in Lisle, Illinois, we prepare students for careers in fields with strong demand, including automotive, diesel and welding.1 In addition, we offer programs focused on wind turbine, robotics and automation, and industrial maintenance. You’ll train in hands-on labs18 while learning from passionate instructors with valuable industry experience, and you’ll graduate with skills today’s employers look for.

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107,629 Square feet of campus area
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Automotive Mechanic Training in Lisle, IL

If working on cars for a living sounds like an exciting career to you, consider enrolling in the Automotive Technology program at UTI Lisle, which is about 27 miles from downtown Chicago. In just 51 weeks, you’ll learn everything from simple engine systems to complex electronic systems and technology. As a graduate from the Lisle campus, you earn a diploma and are prepared to test to become ASE certified.

Diesel Mechanic Training in Lisle, IL

UTI Lisle also offers the 45-week Diesel Technology program, where you’ll learn how to diagnose, repair and replace like a true big-engine professional. Your coursework will cover a wide variety of topics, from engine service and repair to hydraulic and electronic systems. Upon completion of the program, you earn a diploma and are prepared to complete ASE examinations.

Welding Training in Lisle, IL

With UTI’s Welding Technology training program, you can train for the industry in less than nine months. Developed in conjunction with Lincoln Electric, your courses cover everything from welding safety guidelines to pipe welding and various types of welding processes.

Industrial Maintenance Training in Lisle, IL

Want to work on machinery that powers some of our most essential industries? In the Industrial Maintenance Technician (IMT) program, you’ll get hands-on experience doing exactly that. Your courses will cover important topics like industrial heating and cooling, steam and gas turbines, and DC and AC basic electricity as you prepare for careers in industries like gas, coal, nuclear and solar.

Robotics & Automation Training in Lisle, IL

As a Robotics & Automation student, you’ll get a chance to study 3D design and manufacturing, industrial networking, and digital electronics and circuits. This program builds your knowledge from the ground up, so no prior experience is required.

Wind Turbine Training in Lisle, IL

If you’re looking for a career full of adventure, consider the wind energy industry. The Wind Turbine Technician training program gives you the opportunity to learn how to work on wind turbines hands-on, giving you the real world skills today’s industry requires. Your courses will cover everything from renewable energy sources and advanced electrical theory to climb and rescue.